Shaikh ul-Islam

Shaikh ul-Islam
   Both an office and honorific title in the early phase of the Delhi sultanate. The shaikh ul-Islam, usually a reputed theologian, enjoyed a special position at the court but was not as-signed any duties. He assumed the function of sermonizing the sul-tan and his courtiers on religious issues. The first shaikh ul-Islam ap-pointed by Iltutmish was Nur al-Din Mubarak Ghaznavi. According to Ziya' al-Din Barani, he urged the sultan to be harsh with the Hin-dus. The next shaikh ul-Islam of Iltutmish is accused in the Chishti texts of being rude to Shaikh Mu'in al-Din Chishti.

Historical dictionary of Medieval India. . 2011.

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